EasyCare has worked hard on several new projects for 2020.  We have three new hoof boots in the works, a revised E-Z Ride Stirrup design, and several new EasyShoe designs.  Each new product design will help horses and improve each EasyCare product category.  Although we anticipate launching the hoof boots and E-Z Ride Stirrup in early 2020, the first EasyShoe Versa product is in the warehouse and ready to ship on December 9th.

New for 2020. The EasyShoe Versa is a hybrid nail-on shoe that features the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane and an internal steel insert. The steel insert gives the shoe more stability in the front portion and offers a stopping point when driving nails. The steel insert is located in the toe area and continues to the widest part of the hoof. This positioning allows the rear portion of the hoof the ability to flex with each footfall. The Versa offers incredible versatility for distance rides, trail horses, and horses working on hard surfaces. The wide web design also makes the Versa ideal for therapy cases because it holds pour-in packing very well.

The EasyShoe Versa line can be applied with nails, glue, or casting. The nailing slots and clear material make nail placement straightforward and are extremely beneficial for achieving an accurate installation.

The EasyShoe Versa has a traditional metal clip that is easy to shape. The clips are fashioned after traditional iron shoes, but are less bulky.

The EasyShoe Versa can be narrowed with a hammer or opened with a shoe spreader. Although the shoe can be shaped, we anticipate most farriers will simply drop it on and shave away excess urethane material. There are only 4mm between each shoe size, which makes urethane removal quick and easy. The goal is to fit each hoof with little to no modification required to save farriers time and money.

The Versa is currently available in two versions: front pattern and hind pattern. Watch for more additional Versa versions by March of 2020.

Check out the Versa page here.