The EasyShoe Versa Grip Light is one of our most successful shoes. It is easy to shape, easy to fit, and can be applied with nails, casting, tabs, or adhesive. All methods are fairly straightforward, except for the direct gluing using adhesive. Direct gluing requires a bit more attention to detail.

I recently applied a pair of Versa Grip Light shoes to an endurance horse that went on to train and compete in his first 30-mile event. I had photos taken during the application to help others have the same success.

Here is a photo sequence of the process I used to apply the EasyShoe Versa Grip Lights:

1. Prep is key! It’s essential to properly clean, dry, and rough the hoof before application. I follow the same procedure regardless of temperature or humidity levels. The procedure needs to stay the same. Prep well and prep the same way each time, even if you believe the hoof to be clean or dry enough. These are my prep steps:

-Wire brush the entire hoof well. Then torch the hoof well. Torch all portions of the hoof that will have contact with the shoe. Repeat three times until you see no dust.

Wire brush and torch the hoof.

-Use a Dremmel #9931 bit on the solar surface of the hoof that will come in contact with the glue. Then use a circular wire brush. This will rough the surface and allow it to form a stronger bond with the adhesive.

Dremmel the solar surface.
Wire brush the solar surface.

-Now slip on an Easyboot Zip without putting the hoof down. Setting the hoof down on a rubber floor will undo your work getting the hoof as clean as possible. Even rubber mats that appear clean will hold oils from shampoo and fly spray.

Protect your prep work with an Easyboot Zip.

2. Get your glue ready. Cut the end of your glue cartridge off with a pair of nippers. Purge adhesive until it flows freely. Mix the adhesive with Copper Sulfate in a cup. Mix well and vigorously for roughly 45 seconds.

Cut off the end of the glue cartridge.
Purge the material until it flows freely.
Add copper sulfate to a cup.
Add roughly 5 pumps of glue for a medium-size hoof.
Mix the adhesive and copper sulfate.

3. After the adhesive (EasyShoe Bond in this case) and Copper Sulfate are mixed well, apply the adhesive mixture to the shoe. I prefer to use a liner on the inner web of the shoe so the glue does not migrate to the inside of the foot. You can purchase liner in a hardware store, in the window and door-seal area.

Add a liner to the inner web of the shoe (important).
Apply adhesive to the shoe.

4. Apply the shoe to the hoof with a twisting motion. Push the shoe down firmly, but not so firmly that all of the adhesive is squished out. Try to keep 2mm of adhesive between the hoof and shoe. Use a popsicle stick to layer glue around the sides and heel area.

Set the shoe on the hoof with a twisting motion.
Add glue to the sides and heels. Fill in all gaps.
Pull the glue up the heel area (important).

5. Hold the hoof up in the air until the glue sets. This usually takes roughly 4-5 minutes using EasyShoe Bond Fast Set. Do not set the foot down or use plastic wrap with this application method. Setting the hoof down with squish all of the adhesive out and compromise the bond.

Hold the shoe in the air. Don’t let the hoof bear weight until the glue is set.

6. After the EasyShoe Bond dries (to the point that your fingernail cannot dent the adhesive), you can set the hoof down. Use a Hoof Buffy to clean up the front and sides of the hoof. Leave roughly half of the glue material to tie in the heels (important). Finally, apply super glue to seal the hoof.

Buffy the sides.
Leave roughly half of the glue in the heel area.
Seal with super glue.
Go ride!

Following these simple steps will result in great success with direct glue. Let us know how it worked for you!


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