I’m impressed. I’ve had the opportunity to apply a fair amount of hoof protection with adhesives over the last 10 years, and I’m excited about the results I’m seeing from the 11 Finger Tabs applied with super glue

For the third time, I just pulled the Versa Grip Lights off of Cyclone. They were installed on April 19th, so he was wearing them for 7 weeks. Cyclone has now had the same set applied for three consecutive 7-8 week cycles. The same shoes with the same 11 Finger Tabs were applied with super glue for all three sets. Although Cyclone is not in heavy endurance training, he’s worn these shoes in snow, ice, mud, and now irrigated pasture. All the bonds were solid, the tabs still look great, and I could get another application out of these if necessary.

Here’s why I’m excited:

  1. The 11 Finger Tab application with super glue is very easy. Although using acrylic (EasyShoe Bond, Equilox, etc) and urethane (Vettec Adhere) glues work well, they have their challenges. I believe using super glue with this tab system is easier. 
  2. Super glue is much cheaper than the acrylic and urethane options.  
  3. Once the shoe and tabs are welded together and prepared, the application is very easy. The horse stands in the shoe comfortably while the super glue is applied and the shrink wrap is removed.
  4. We have seen the shoes stay on very well in snow, mud, and wet conditions.  
  5. With the proper tools, the shoes and tabs can be removed and reset multiple times.  

The video below shows the shoes coming off for the third time.  

After removal of the shoes, I cleaned up the feet a bit with a wire brush before trimming.  

Feet looked good and trimmed up well. You can see the rubber in a couple areas.

The shoes and tabs look great after the third consecutive application. There’s still enough rubber on the tabs to apply them a fourth time. The video below shows the feet after a trim.  

Here’s a quick video showing the shoes after being cleaned up a bit.  

I can’t wait to see and hear about similar results from the field. Have fun with them.  


    • Yes, these shoes are meant to be left on for your horse’s normal turnout/work routine, for the entirety of the trim cycle.

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