This week we wanted to feature the EasyShoe Performance. This shoe made its debut in 2014, and it remains a great choice for glue-on hoof protection. One of the big benefits of the EasyShoe versus a traditional shoe is its ability to flex with the horse’s movements.

Product Highlights

  • The Performance was designed to provide maximum solar protection and frog support.
  • This shoe supports the hoof without hampering heel expansion and contraction.
  • Vertical flexion in the design allows the heels to move independently.
  • Built-in frog plate supports the bony column of the leg and allows the natural shock absorber to function.
  • The Performance shoes have been used for therapeutic benefits in lame horses, trail riding, dressage, endurance riding, and more.
  • If properly applied, the EasyShoe Performance will stay on the length of a standard trimming cycle. For best results, EasyCare recommends a 3-6 week trimming cycle.
  • The Performance is lightweight and comfortable for your horse. A size 2 EasyShoe Performance weighs 6.5oz, or 184g. A standard size 2 steel shoe weighs 14oz, or 397g.
  • The Performance includes a white glue dam. A glue dam is a strip of closed-cell foam applied to the inside of the shoe that prevents the glue from seeping towards the sole.