It has been a busy year for hoof care clinics everywhere. In March, EasyCare Staff members demonstrated Easyboot use at the AERC National Convention. In May, the Bootmeister traveled to Colorado and Idaho to show participants how to select the proper hoof protection for their horses and demonstrated usage of the Easyboot Glove and Easyboot Glue-On. This was then followed by clinics in Montana and in Idaho, at the National Championship City of Rocks ride, where the Bootmeister demonstrated gluing and nailing of the EasyShoe prototype. In October, EasyCare Staff members traveled east to Daisy Haven Farm and conducted an EasyShoe clinic. Currently the Bootmeister is conducting three different clinics in Germany and Switzerland. One clinic is specifically set up for professional trimmers, farriers and veterinarians.

Easyboot Gloves, Glue-Ons and EasyShoe displayed at a clinic.

The Bootmeister and TE 2013 member Christoph Schork explaining the benefits of the new EasyShoes.

Preparing the hoof for gluing the EasyShoe.

Under the watchful eyes of the many participants, Christoph applies an EasyShoe at the National Championship Clinic.

A freshly glued EasyShoe.

There are a lot of expectations placed on the new EasyShoes, especially from riders all over Europe. EasyCare and GETC Staff members raced in several 50 mile endurance events and tested the shoes over hundred of miles on all kinds of terrain. The EasyShoes are staying on very well, lasting as long as the proven Easyboots and providing superior traction in many types of footing.

This EasyShoe has covered over 150 miles.

After a 50 mile endurance race: this horse finished in first place and won
Best Condition. The sole area was filled with Vettec Equipak CS. Filling the sole area
with Vettec CS is an option you have with the EasyShoe, although it is not required. 

Why go through the trouble of inventing EasyShoes, when EasyCare already is sporting a long list of boots, that can be used in all equestrian disciplines and have served the riders worldwide so well?

Here are some of the reasons why you might consider an EasyShoe for hoof protection:

  • You can glue or nail the new EasyShoe.
  • You can keep it on your horses’ hooves for a six week shoeing cycle.
  • It allows the hoof to breathe.
  • The sole of the hoof is protected.
  • If you need more protection, you can add Vettec Equipak.
  • The EasyShoe allows for heel expansion
  • The new EasyShoe allows for heel extension, to support the bone column.

These are good enough reasons for many equestrians, trimmers and farriers to want to learn more about it.

During the last few educational clinics, it has been exciting to see more and more farriers interested in learning the potential uses of EasyShoes. They can see the benefits and realize that they will miss out on a big market share, if they are insisting on using steel and iron only. The future belongs to the acrylics, polyurethanes, rubbers, glues. Let’s face it, they are much better for shock absorption, lighter in weight, and more flexible than metal shoes. I cannot think of a good reason not to use them.

From the desk of the Bootmeister

Christoph Schork

Global Endurance Training Center