EasyCare carries a number of Natural Hoofcare Products for you to use with your Barefoot Trimming. 

The Hoof Jack can be used to trim, rasp and put on a protective hoof boot without putting the Barefoot Hoof between your knees or supporting the horse with your body. 

EasyCare Nitrile Gloves fit like a second skin, wears like iron!  Perfect for use while horse hoof trimming, applying EasyCare boots, or any other work around the barn!

EasyCare also has a number of Natural Hoofcare Videos available for purchase.  Check out Pete Ramey’s Under the Horse 16 hour hoof rehabilitation series:

This video is designed to teach equine professionals and horse owners new ways to recognize and treat horse hoof problems.  Learn about barefoot trimming and develop a deep understanding of the internal barefoot hoof structure!

To view all of the Natural Hoof Care videos available at EasyCare or to see all of our EasyCare boots (Easyboot, Easyboot Bare, Easyboot Glove), be sure to check out our website!

Posted by Chris Freeman