EasyCare Inc. extends a warm welcome to our newest staff member, Dan Schroeder, who will be joining our team in September as our new Vet Hoof Care Practitioner (HCP) Dealer Representative. 

Hello! My name is Dan Schroeder, and I am extremely excited to become a part of EasyCare!

I have been involved with horses for the past 20 years. It all started when I took on turnout horses from a local Standardbred track and evolved into a breeding and foaling operation. My wife and I were standing five stallions (Standardbred, Paint, and Quarter Horse), and foaled approximately 10-15 mares a year.

We constantly struggled with intermittent lameness issues with both our personal and client horses. It is from this struggle that my interest in becoming a farrier was born. We had access to an older, semi-retired gentleman in our area that was a wealth of progressive hoof care knowledge. I was fortunate to be able to take my early direction from him. That was 13 years ago, and my passion for growth in my knowledge of modern farrier techniques has continued to grow every day since then.

I took direction from the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO) and became a Certified Farrier Practitioner, a Certified Lameness Specialist, and certified in Barefoot Trimming. In addition, I have obtained my Hoof Distortion Certification through Daisy Haven Farm. Over the years, I have attended numerous clinics around the nation including everything from barefoot trimming, forging, and lameness issues, to glue and composite work. I strive to embrace many methods for addressing hoof care issues. I never dismiss any possibilities, but consider them all to determine the most beneficial course of action for the horse.







I have been utilizing EasyCare products in my practice for many years, and I have always found EasyCare to be a company that shares my passion for helping our equine companions stay happy and comfortable. As a company, EasyCare is not content to rest on its laurels; they are constantly searching for better hoof care solutions, which appealed to me as a progressive farrier. It seems like a perfect match to combine our efforts and work as a team.

Today, my wife, Deb, and I have three grown kids who all live outside the home. We live in Summertown, Tennessee, and usually keep two or three horses at any particular time. We have our aged, retired, Standardbred mare, and my wife shows AQHA/APHA registered horses. Our farm is also home to our spoiled guard dog, Angus, an English Bulldog mix, an array of wild turkeys, many deer, and other critters. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking on our smoker grills, hosting friends, and working outside. Deb shows her halter horses, so we are often participating in our local AQHA/APHA regional club events. These shows can get very busy since so many of the attendees are my farrier clients.

I am looking forward to using my professional experience as a farrier to teach veterinarians, farriers, and hoof care practitioners how to better help horses. Since I have firsthand experience with EasyCare products, I can offer a unique perspective and insight into their uses and benefits.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I’m always ready to talk feet!

Feel free to contact Dan directly at dschroeder@easycareinc.com after September 9th. 


  1. Just a quick observation: the photo labelled ‘Easyshoe Flex with a cast’ looks like an Easyshoe Performance with no cast… Layout glitch?
    Enjoyed the article, looking forward to hearing more from Dan.

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