The following is from Frank Crute in Florida.

I cannot say enough for the EasyCare Rx Boots. My horse, Natrona, a wild mustang from Wyoming, got an abscess in her left foot and later got laminitis in her right foot.

I ordered the Rx boots with several different Comfort Pads. The next day, she was walking in her boots! I ordered another pair of Comfort Pads so I can change them out every day.

After three months and daily care, the boots came off. She now runs and has got the Mustang spirit back.

Thank you, Easyboot RX and EasyCare, for saving my horse! – Frank Crute


Dee Reiter


Customer Service

When you call EasyCare, I’m one of the folks that will answer. I’m also one of the cowgirls in the group. (Heck no, I don’t show, I Rodeo!) When it comes to life’s adventures – never pull back on the reins, and remember: the world is best-viewed through the ears of a horse!