Jacinta Austin of Wagga Waga Australia sends us this testimonial on the Old Mac’s, the Protective Horse Boots of her choice.  

I purchased my first pair of Mac Boots about 10 years ago and l have used them nearly every time l ride. l use them for eventing, SJ comps, trail rides, out on the roads, etc. l have never had any problems with them at all. l have used them on many different horses and the only thing that sometimes happens is they rub a little under the pastern but with the pastern wraps they are awesome.

My first pair have only just broken now so l have just ordered a new pair, the Old Mac Boots G2. l am sure that these will last me just as long as my first pair.

Happy Riding!

Marcie Mendoza


Customer Service

You will find me at the front desk if you visit the EasyCare corporate headquarters. I am in charge of the web orders and I manage the Hoof Boot Upgrade program which offers discount pricing on boots.