EasyCare has picked up the Mueller 1 1/2″ black tape for use with the Easyboot Glove hoof boots. The tape is used to provide extra staying power when a tighter fit is needed to keep the boot in place on the barefoot hoof.


Chris Freeman


Accounts Manager

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  1. Cindy, Yes – this tape is to go directly onto the hoof. Wrap it three times around the hoof wall just below the coronet band before you put the boot on. The tape gets stickier with heat and moisture and helps keep the boot in place if you are having boot fit challenges.

  2. Is this tape meant to go directly on the hoof? I am having a problem with fit. Boot stays on until cantering or going up steep hills.


  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    If you click on the link in the blog or on the photo of the tape, it will take you to the location on our website to purchase the tape.

    Best of luck!