EasyCare now manufactures more composite hoof protection options than any company in the world. Our wide variety of products are available in many sizes and shapes and can be applied with adhesive and/or nails. Our products can be used in many equine disciplines, including Olympic-level Dressage, Tevis Cup 100-mile races, flat track races, trail rides, hunter/jumper competitions, and therapy needs. Whatever your horse needs, we have you covered.

Let’s take a look at each of EasyCare’s composite shoe styles and glue-on shells. (These do not include our line of hoof boots. Boots will be covered in another post.)

1. EasyShoe Compete

The EasyShoe Compete is a great glue-on shoe for track horses or sport horses. It’s easy to apply and it stays on very well. When applied and finished well, it’s difficult to see them on the hoof. They are flexible and long wearing, and they typically work best when applied with EasyShoe Bond.

Difficult to see when applied well.

An EasyCare-owned race horse winning in the EasyShoe Compete

2. EasyShoe Sport

The EasyShoe Sport is similar to the Compete, but it has a much wider web. It’s a great option for trail and distance horses that don’t need any support or pressure under the frog.  This shoe is designed to be applied with adhesive. It works well with either EasyShoe Bond or Vettec Adhere.

3. EasyShoe Performance

This is one of my favorite shoes. I love this shoe for the vertical and horizontal movement it offers. It allows for a great amount of hoof mechanism. It also works well when applied with either EasyShoe Bond or Vettec Adhere.

4. EasyShoe Performance N/G

This shoe offers the same vertical and horizontal benefits as the EasyShoe Performance, but it can be applied with nails or adhesive. The internal nailing plate makes nailing easy.  If being applied with adhesive, it also works well with both EasyShoe Bond and Vettec Adhere.

Mykayla Corgnell and MM Cody win the 2018 Haggin Cup in the EasyShoe Performance N/G in 2018.  

5. EasyShoe Flex

The EasyShoe Flex is a brilliant shoe that has an internal nailing plate made of spring steel. The spring steel is encapsulated in urethane for traction and shock absorption. Two of the three Team USA Dressage horses used this shoe to bring home the silver medal in 2021.

Two of the three USA Dressage horses used the EasyShoe Flex to bring home the 2021 Olympic Silver Medal. 

6. EasyShoe Flex Light

The EasyShoe Flex Light has the same design as the EasyShoe Flex, but without the metal. The EasyShoe Flex Light can be nailed on or applied with adhesive. This shoe can take a lot of wear and tear for trail and distance horses.

7. EasyShoe Versa Grip

The EasyShoe Versa Grip is the most advanced hybrid nail-on urethane horseshoe, featuring the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane and an internal steel insert. It boasts an aggressive, long-wearing, thicker profile with a deeper tread pattern molded from a durable urethane. It’s pre-angled with integrated clips, twelve nail options, and a debris guard. It is available in Front and Hind patterns in a wide variety of sizes.

8. EasyShoe Versa Grip Gold

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Gold is much like the Versa Grip above, but with more flexibility.  The metal nailing plates inside are not joined at the toe, allowing for greater flexibility and hoof mechanism. This is a great endurance shoe, as well as a great option for a transition shoe.

9. EasyShoe Versa Grip Light

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Light offers the same shape and selection as the Versa Grip and Versa Grip Gold, but without the internal, metal nailing plate. This shoe can be nailed or applied with adhesive. It’s also a great shoe to use with our 11 Finger Tabs and Holey Tabs (shown below) for additional staying power.

10. Easyboot Glue-On

The Easyboot Glue-On is one of the most versatile products we make. This boot has won the 100-mile Tevis Cup and Haggin Cups on multiple occasions. The sleek-fitting shell can be applied with either EasyShoe Bond or Vettec Adhere. When applied and finished well, it fits like a protective skin over the hoof.

The Fury showing for the Haggin Cup in the Easyboot Glue-On.  

11. Easyboot “LC” Love Child

The Easyboot LC is a hybrid between the Easyboot Glue-On shell and the EasyShoe Performance. Intended as glue-on hoof protection for the entire trim cycle, it’s a great option for endurance riders and conditioning. It also works well for therapy purposes.

12. Easyboot Flip Flip

The Easyboot Flip Flop is a hybrid between the Easyboot Glue-On and the EasyShoe. It is designed to be applied with EasyShoe Bond or Vettec Adhere. Its open-back design allows it to stay on the hoof for the duration of the trim cycle. The Flip Flop is an easy, “set it and forget it” solution, well-suited for both performance and therapeutic applications.

13. Easyboot Fury Glue-On

The Easyboot Fury Glue-On is a longer glue-on shell that comes with a cushion inside the slot at the back of the boot for additional support. The length of the shell can be trimmed down to fit the length of the hoof.

14. 11 Finger Urethane Tab

The 11 Finger Tabs can be welded (melted) onto any urethane hoof protection in the EasyCare line. They work especially well when used with the EasyShoe Flex Light and the EasyShoe Versa Grip Light. They are designed to be applied with super glue. The tabs keep the shoes firmly in place and have been successfully used in many endurance events.

15. 11 Finger Rubber Tab

The 11 Finger Rubber Tabs are the same as the 11 Finger Urethane Tabs, with the addition of a rubber coating over the urethane. The rubber sticks very well to the hoof, as well as the super glue. The extra layer over the urethane makes the rubber version a little easier to remove and reset. This is a great product that is easy to apply.

16. Holey Tabs

Coming soon! The Holey Tabs will be added to the EasyCare line in 2022. These tabs can be welded (melted) onto any of the urethane shoes in the EasyCare line. After the tabs are welded to the shoe, they can be easily applied to the hoof with both EasyShoe Bond and Vettec Adhere.

EasyCare is proud to offer most horses a composite solution for any discipline. We are working on additional designs and application options to make the lives of our equine partners and hoof care practitioners easier.

Let us know if you have a composite idea that might fit into our line.