Working at EasyCare during riding season is a beautiful thing. However, no matter how intensely busy the day may be, EasyCare doesn’t miss the opportunity to organize and dedicate time to the expansion of hoof experience and knowledge. Daisy Bicking joined us at our location in Durango, Colorado, to provide a webinar instructing the therapeutic application of the EasyShoe. During this busy time of transferring cameras, organizing the delivery of proper tools, preparing for the live event, and the recovery from traveling in the midst of her “vacation”, the EasyCare customer service team was fortunate enough to experience one-on-one cadaver hoof mapping with Daisy

Locating the rotational center of the hoof.

The mapping exercise began with general hoof anatomy. We moved on to a brief visualization of the internal structures of the hoof. The 90-minute lecture sped by, but each of us walked away with knowledge to apply to our everyday conversations with customers and colleagues. Daisy also instilled an inspiration to become hoof experts by her way of communication and enthusiasm.

Left to right: Kevin Myers, Daisy Bicking, me, Rebecca Balboni, Joshua Flores, Tina Ooley. Not pictured: Becky Caldwell and Holly Jonsson. (Skirts not included)

The best take-away for the EasyCare customer service team was the taught ability to identify the signs of a negative palmar angle, steep palmar angle, and finding the center of rotation in the hoof capsule all by using simple mapping techniques. These analyses can be applied through photos that customers send us by email. We are able to observe various hoof diversities and use this information to recommend the perfect boot or shoe for any EasyCare customer.

Interested in finding the perfect boot? Follow the link to submit your hoof photos. An EasyCare customer service representative will approach your case with enthusiasm and educational skill.

Mariah Reeves

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Customer Service

As one of the customer service representatives, I am happy to help get your horse into the right boots. I promote holistic methods of equine care and will assist you with finding the perfect fit for horse and rider.