Are you new to the Protective Horse Boot World? if so, EasyCare can direct you to the nearest Dealer who can provide you with the hoof care products of your choice. Whether it is the new Glove Boot you are looking for or the Original Easyboot, they can accomodate your needs.

If they don’t have the boot that’s right for you, they can obtain it by drop shipping from EasyCare or directing you to our Customer Service Dept at 1-800-447-8836 or visiting our website at It is just that easy. Click here and let your fingers do the walking.

The same goes for locating a Hoof Care Practitioner or Advisor in your area: click here and be welcomed to the world of natural horse care.

Marcie Mendoza

Customer Service

You will find me at the front desk if you visit the EasyCare corporate headquarters. I am in charge of the web orders and I manage the Hoof Boot Upgrade program which offers discount pricing on boots.