John Saint Ryan on his stallion Siroco GF

Doma Vaquera
Wrapped in hundreds of years of history and tradition, Doma Vaquera is a specialized style of equitation in Spain. This beautiful style of riding enables the rider to carry out daily duties on horseback on a working cattle ranch. It was developed through the use of horses in handling fighting bulls in Spain and grew out of the daily work with them in the open countryside. 

I was in awe when I received these photos of this magnificent barefoot stallion shown by natural hoof care practitioner and EasyCare dealer John Saint Ryan. Recently John and his shoeless stallion Siroco captured the regional championship in Doma Vaquera. John has been riding this stallion in Easyboot Gloves for the past few months. The rules of the competition wouldn’t allow them to compete in hoof boots but the footing was great so he removed the Gloves and showed the horse barefoot to a fantastic win. John’s lovely wife Joyce captured the moments and John posed next to his Easycare logoed truck as a way to say, "Thanks EasyCare for the help in getting there." 

John Saint Ryan is an excellent ambassador for the barefoot horse and natural hoof care. This gentleman talks the talk and walks the walk. John is located in Inyokern, CA and gives clinics all around the country. His clinics tend to open the door for natural hoof care to be presented along with the benefits of removing horses shoes and replacing them with a more effective and modern day option of EasyCare protective horse boots.

Question for the Post
Do you know or own a barefoot horse that is showing competitively? I want to hear about how barefoot horses are excelling in the show ring. Many say it simply will never be accepted, but I beg to differ. Let me know what your barefoot show horse is doing.


Siroco and John Saint Ryan win the regional championships.John Saint Ryan on Sirocco GF


 EasyCare Dealer, barefoot trimmer and trainer John Saint Ryan with his stallion Siroco

Not familiar with the discipline Doma Vaquera? Watch John’s performance PRE National Championship Las Vegas 2006 riding Jugueton. Owners: Pat and Carolyn Shoals.


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