Dyana, at Teskey’s Saddle Shop in Weatherford, Texas, not only “talks the talk” (at Teskey’s) but she also “walks the walk” (notice her horse is wearing the new Trails).

Dyana decided to try boots on her horse and, for her particular style of riding, decided on the new Trails.

Dyana had some problems with sizing and we worked together to try to find the best fit; however, in the end, she did have the right size and just needed a little boost from a firm Comfort Pad that raised the hoof up enough in the boot to have a snug fit.

As you can see from the pictures, her horse is happy in his boots and so is Dyana!

When EasyCare Dealers use and like the product, they can talk more intelligently to the customers, tell them of their experiences, help them with fitting and this causes their sales to soar, just as Teskey’s has done. If you haven’t used boots, then you just don’t know.

If you are ever in Weatherford, Texas, look them up and talk to Dyana! Or call her at 817.599.3400 or go on line at www.teskeys.com.


Dee Reiter


Retail Account Rep

I am the Retail and New Dealer Account Rep for EasyCare. I will be happy to help you with ordering, selecting the most popular styles and sizes of EasyCare hoof boots to stock. Let me help you with suggestions on merchandising and provide training for you and your staff, at your convenience.