Meet the EasyCare Customer Service Team

Nancy Fredrick

Hi, my name is Nancy Fredrick. I am the Office Manager here at EasyCare. I have been on the EasyCare Team since 2001. Along with keeping the office up and running in every aspect of operations, I am also involved daily with Customer Service.

I have learned so much about barefoot and booting which I enjoy sharing with each customer that I am in contact with every day. I currently own three barefoot horses, which all wear EasyCare hoof boots when I am out riding in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. I have also learned to do my own barefoot trimming and that is working great for me and my three horses. I thrive on learning and sharing every bit that I learn about barefoot and booting.

So check out our great blogs and if you need further assistance, give me or any of my Teammembers here at EasyCare a call and we can help you with your booting needs.
Happy Trails……

Marcie Mendoza

Hi, my name is Marcie Mendoza. I joined the EasyCare family nine years ago and have had the best time of my life! I am a Tucson native, so I can show you some pretty spectacular places to ride. Keeping up with two grandchildren, baseball games, horseback riding and golfing, keeps us all very busy.

My gelding “Big Enough” is a great fan of his Easyboot Epic’s. Whether we are rounding up cattle on my brother’s ranch or just pleasure riding, he sports his boots. He will not leave the barn without them!

Here at EasyCare you will find me at the front desk taking care of walk-in customers, processing web orders, taking phone orders and helping customers with any questions they may have on hoof care and our product line. I am also in charge of the Hoof Boot Upgrade Program which offers discounted pricing on boots.

If you live nearby, or are in Tucson, come see us…..we would love to meet you.

Shari Murray

Hi, my name is Shari and I became a member of the wonderful EasyCare team almost 3 years ago. If you call the Customer Service Help Desk with questions about which boot or boot size you need, chances are you will get me on the phone! Besides helping customers on the phone and answering customer e-mail questions, I also process all of the repairs, returns, credits and exchanges that come in to EasyCare.

I did not own a horse, but grew up around them because my grandpa took care of all the horses for the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Posse back in Kansas City when I was a kid. My little dog Muggles and I moved to Tucson from Kansas City right before I started working for EasyCare. I love living in Tucson where I took my first hike upon moving here….not much hiking in Kansas considering how flat it is! This picture was taken at the top of Wasson Peak, the highest mountain in the Tucson Mountain range.

We have a great team here at EasyCare and we really care about our customers and helping their barefoot buddies!

Miriam Rezine

Hi, my name is Miriam Rezine. I just moved to Tucson from California to join the EasyCare gang. I’m just starting to learn the ropes from the wonderful employees at the office and am learning how to process orders and help customers.

I have competed in all sorts of equine competitions such as Hunter Jumpers and Western Pleasure, but my heart is really in Endurance. I am excited to meet and help customers at some of the upcoming rides!

I am new to the barefoot world and am really amazed at the benefits and the changes that my own personal horse has gone through in the few months he has been barefoot.
I am proud to work for a company that is so dedicated to the health and well-being of horses around the world.

Chris Freeman

Hi, my name is Chris and I have been an employee of EasyCare since October 2003. I started out in Customer Service, taking on extra duties along the way…Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, Receipt of Inventory and International order processing, to name a few!

My love for horses started at a very young age. I grew up in a farm community, and even though I did not own a horse, I had the opportunity to ride at the local stables or relatives, friends and neighbors horses. Always telling myself…someday!

I enjoy my career with Easycare very much, and look forward to many more years and new challenges along the way.

Tara Kelly

Hello, my name is Tara and I joined the EasyCare Team 3 years ago.  Most of the time I can be found on the phone helping out customers.  So chances are if you’ve called in we’ve chatted a time or two:) In addition to being a CSR, I compose the Dealer of the Month articles as well as help compile and edit our Customer and Dealer newsletters.  I also track our hoof boot contest, track customer warranties, edit blogs and ad copy, process event and rescue donations and help out our Team Easyboot Pals.

My husband Travis and I moved here with our dog Duke from the Bay Area 4 years ago.  We miss the beach and Lake Tahoe a lot but are enjoying living in the desert.  This photo was taken a few months ago at Zephyr Cove in South Lake Tahoe, CA.  We always love a little taste of home:)

We have a great team here at EasyCare and are eager to help our customers keep their equine pals happy!