I know it seems like there are a million different choices in the EasyCare Comfort Pad line and it is sometimes confusing to know what pad is best for your needs so hopefully this will help clear things up for you. One quick way to determine which pad you need for your boot is to go to the EasyCare website, then scroll over the Our Boots section and click on the boot you need pads for. Then click on Boot Accessories. Only the pads that will work for your boot style will be listed.

Why Use Pads?
Pads increase heel comfort so that all horses-sound or unsound-are encouraged to move correctly. We have found that comfort pads are especially beneficial for any horse that is ridden who may also be slightly tender-footed. The 12mm pads can also be used to help improve the fit of the boots while at the same time providing cushioning, additional protection and frog support to the hoof. Comfort pads are an excellent way to help your horse successfully transition from shod to barefoot.

Regular Comfort Pads
These pads are the plain, flat pads that come in 6mm and 12mm thickness and soft, medium or firm density. These pads are a cut to fit design. Place the boot on top of the pad and trace around the boot, trim, and insert. Smaller sizes will be able to get more than one pad out of each Comfort Pad. The Easyboot Glove was really designed to be used without padding but if you have a need for a pad we recommend using the 6mm pads only with the Glove.

Dome Comfort Padsdomed comfort pads
This pad will will complement the concave shape of a well formed hoof. This pad is sized for the Easyboot line and comes in Small (00.0), Medium (1), Large (2,3,4) and X-Large (5,6). This pad is popular with a variety of users including trail riders, endurance riders and hoof care professionals. If your horse is flat-footed you should be very careful about using these pads.

Shari Murray


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