Need to add comfort to your horses hooves, or is your boot a little loose and you want to snug it up to fit just right? Or maybe while your horse is transitioning to barefoot and is ouchy, EasyCare has the answer for you. Try our comfort pads, designed to fit all EasyCare boots such as the Easyboot Bare, Glove, Epic, Boa and Old Mac G2’s


The comfort pad is offered in three densities: soft, medium and firm; and in two thicknesses: 1/4 and 1/2 inch. We also have the comfort pad system available in sole, frog or pressure support when needed. The system is also offered in the same densities and thickneses and is sold as a kit with 18 pairs of pads. You may also order them individually and use as desired combining the different densities. 

All a part of Natural Hoof Care designed by EasyCare for you and your Equine Partner!

Marcie Mendoza

Customer Service

You will find me at the front desk if you visit the EasyCare corporate headquarters. I am in charge of the web orders and I manage the Hoof Boot Upgrade program which offers discount pricing on boots.