I received a lot of emails and comments about Phil and his beautiful Arab mare, Mercedes.

I just heard from Phil:

Mercedes had a big day today. She had her cast removed to see if the infection was still present and to see if her incision had closed. I am more than happy to say that the incision has closed completely and is healing very nicely. And there is no sign of infection. This is the best news we have had since she went into the hospital. All of the doctors are very pleased and we have passed a major hurdle. Remember, she was only give a 30% chance of survival during the recovery period. She has helped the doctors all the way with her calm manner and sound mind. We are not out of the woods yet, but we are getting close. She has to wear the new cast for another four weeks and then x-rays will determine where we go from there. Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and concerns. – Phil


mercedes 3
Thanks for sharing the good news, Phil!

Dee Hoime


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