Who said you can’t boot a mule? That’s an old myth!

Check out the link on EasyCare’s website that includes tips, photos and special links that will answer your questions on natural hoof care.

Typically a mule has longer hooves than a horse. In addition, they also have steeper angles and larger heel bulbs. The biggest challenges you will face when booting are sizing the boot, getting the gaiter to fit over the heel bulbs and determining what can or cannot be adjusted. Using a smaller heel strap has worked on several occasions.

Easyboot Bares and Epics have proven to be the best choice for our long eared friends. Success stories have also been sent to EasyCare on the Old Mac G2 and the Glove boot.

Proper fitting is the most important thing to remember after a fresh trim. The boot for a mule would be too wide if the length exceeds the width by more than one boot size on the sizing chart.

Happy Booting!


Marcie Mendoza