Here is a tip sent in by Susan Vasek of California.

“I found that wrapping my gaiter with one wrap of Vet wrap all around helps to deter the foxtails and stickers from sticking in the Easygaiter. Just remove the Vet wrap and toss it and your Easygaiter is clean and free of debris.”

Here is a picture submitted by our own Debbie Schwiebert, who is our Hoof Practitioner Rep, who actually experienced the Foxtails in the gaiter.

Debbie was out riding her horse, Zane and look at those Foxtails! She said some of them actually fell off as it was much worse before this picture was taken.

Thanks to Susan Vasek for the great booting tip. It will work with any of our EasyCare boots that have gaiters such as the Epics, Bares, Grips, Gloves (pictured) and Edge boots. We always share user tips with our readers. As we learn new things with our booted horses, every tip can help other riders. If you have one, send it in with a picture and we will share it.

Nancy Fredrick


EasyCare Office Manager

As the office manager, I make sure the general operations of the organization run smoothly and seamlessly from A to Z. I have been on the EasyCare team since 2001 and have first hand product knowledge as my horses are barefoot and booted.