EasyCare would like to help you save money.

If you want to order from our Bargain Bin and have not because you think ‘Old Style’ on Epics and Easyboots means they are used or there is something defective about them, fear no more. It simply means these boots were manufactured before 2007 and we are making room for more new protective hoof boots. There are no pre-2005 Easyboots in the Bargain Bin. Any of the boots you choose from are perfect for your natural horse care needs.

You may find a variety of protective horse boots and stirrups are also available. Whatever your needs for natural horse products, now is the time to shop in our Bargain Bin.

If ordering repair parts or additional accessories, you can still shop and make selections from the current accessory pages. No need to figure out what part will fit your Bargain Bin boot. Even the Up Buckle can be used on these boots. The back strap can be removed from your Epics and replaced with a current comfort strap (shown below) or taper straps.
All Bargain Bin products are listed at 1/2 price and are not covered by EasyCare warranty. All sales are final, no returns. So please measure your horses hooves correctly after a fresh barefoot trimming excercise and use the sizing chart before ordering. This will enable you to order the right size, obtain the best fitting boot and start working on those horse hoof problems you may be experiencing.

Please note all Bargain Bin items are in new and unused condition and are available through our website orders only.

Happy Trails Everyone!

Posted by Marcie Mendoza