Messages like this posted by Maria at make it all worthwhile: this is what it’s all about for us at EasyCare.

I’m the American girl living in Spain who contacted you via your amazing blog almost a year ago about who needed reassurance about going barefoot. I’m happy to report that I finally found an amazing vet and hoof care specialist who has helped me through the process, and eight months later my pinto, Indio has some rock hard bare hooves and we’re quite happy with our Easyboot Bares.

Wanted to say thanks again for your help and encouragement, I couldn’t be happier about the decision, and have even started a mini barefoot revolution at my barn here in Spain, finally people are starting to see the light and two other horses are going barefoot too.

Could you have guessed that your positive energy would be so far-reaching?

Thanks again,


You are so right Amanda, Bare is Better, Thank You for choosing EasyCare for your natural hoof care needs.

Bare Boot

Marcie Mendoza


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