We’re pleased to announce the results of the 2011 edition of the $10,000 Hoof Boot Contest. Riders enrolled in the sixth annual EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest accumulated more than 25,000 miles across two disciplines.

20 competitors earned $10,000 in cash and product based on their total annual mileage accumulations. "Now that the results have been tabulated," said Garrett Ford, President and CEO of EasyCare, "we can give back to the community who puts the most miles on Easyboots."

Endurance Division
Winner of the 2011 EasyCare Endurance Hoof Boot Contest is Carla Richardson, who rode a staggering 2,525 miles with SS Kharady Khid. She and Khid will also win the coveted AERC 2011 National Mileage Award. Carla and Khid completed 50 endurance rides in the 2011 ride season. Khid now boasts 6,635 career miles, and he just keeps on trucking.

Carla and Khid. Photo by Steve Bradley.

Carla Richardson and SS Karahdy Khid. Photo by Steve Bradley.

In hot pursuit, Debbie Boscoe rode SRT Sizzling Sage and Scarlet Wind Song to second place with an accumulated 1,915 miles. New to hoof boots, Debbie was one of the highest mileage competitors at the 2011 2,000-mile XP ride from Missouri to California. In third place is 2010 Hoof Boot Contest winner, Terri Tinkham, who rode Oliver Twist for a total of 1,435 miles.

CTR Division
Winner of the 2011 EasyCare CTR Hoof Boot Contest is Mary Lambert. Mary rode High Tail Hanna and IM Bronze to a combined total of 375 miles. Bill Wingle rode Mariah for to second place with a total of 372 miles. Sheryl O’Brian rode Psyches Amore and Truimage of Gold into third place with a total of 350 miles.

Detailed Results

Easyboot Endurance Standings

Easyboot CTR Standings

For a full listing of the 2011 Hoof Boot Contest results, go the 2011 EasyCare Hoof Boot Contest page.

Easyboot is the official hoof boot of NATRC, AERC and Tevis 2012.

Keep up the Bootlegging!

Kevin Myers


Director of Marketing

I am responsible for the marketing and branding of the EasyCare product line. I believe there is a great deal to be gained from the strategy of using booted protection for horses, no matter what the job you have for your equine partner.