Easyboots continue to come in handy.  People utilize them for hoof protection on a ride and to help with horse hoof problems.  But these protective horse boots have expanded from their normal range of use.  Check out this Hillshire Farms commercial!  Notice the pony is sporting Easyboots!  These handy hoof boots not only helped protect this pony’s hooves during the commercial but also helped prevent slipping too. 
This isn’t the first time we’ve spotted EasyCare Hoof Boots in the lime light.  Click here to view Old Mac’s in action in a TV commercial shoot in Australia.  This commercial, filmed at Central Station in Sydney featured knights jousting in Old Mac G2’s. USC’s mascot Traveler has been seen sporting his EasyCare Hoof Boots and the Kansas City Chief’s horse Chief has been pictured sporting Boa’s during their 2009 home opener against the Oakland Raiders.  Click here to check out apple bobbing horse Silver who made an appearance on the David Letterman show back in 1996 sporting his Easyboots. 

It’s great to see all the various uses protective horse boots provide and we’re bound to see more uses like these in the future.  Whether it’s a trail ride, parade, general hoof protection, or used as a tool in an advertising campaign these handy hoof boots continue to prove their usefulness. Which EasyCare hoof boot will be spotted next?  The Easyboot Glove or Glue on perhaps…

Posted by: Tara Kelly