We wanted to share a success story from our customer, Barbara. She has been using the Easyboot Glue-Ons to help a horse with several painful abscesses. Here’s what Barbara shared with us about her experience.  

We are not completely finished with the healing process, but these images show how the Easyboot Glue-On has been integral to our success. The radiograph shows the path of the infection from the toe where the trimmer cut a drain for it toward the coronet band.

This second image shows the dates of abscess eruptions. This horse has only been with us since 12/8/19! He has been lame off and on because we did not have a way to get all of the microbes drained out. The drain was opened at the toe and the pus literally poured out. He was on SMZs, and that helped some, but being able to physically drain the hoof was the answer. Due to the location of the hole, it kept getting packed with footing and manure. The search for some kind of durable boot that would allow for drainage began.

I own Easyboot Back Country boots for another horse, so I looked on EasyCare’s website. I called the Product Specialist team and discussed the potential use of these Glue-Ons as a tape-on solution.

This boot has been the key to our progress! The boot allows the hole to keep draining because of the channels in the sole. As long as he isn’t moving quickly, we can even use this boot without any tape because it’s such a good fit.

Each day, I wash the hoof with Betadine. I slip the boot on. I apply an Animalintex poultice pad to the coronet band. I wrap this with vet wrap to keep the pad in place and protect the hoof wall and periople from the tape use. I cut three long lengths of hockey tape (a sticky fabric tape that players use on their stick blades and handles to make them easier to grab). I run the tape through the treads of the boot and over the top of the hoof like sandal straps. I secure this with duct tape over the top to keep the poultice pad moist. The final step is Elastikon tape to keep dirt from getting into the assembly.

The original baby diaper/poultice wrap was effective at getting the drainage, but it was dangerous when he started to move a lot because it would rotate around on his hoof and frighten him. The EasyBoot Glue-On does not interfere with his movement and allows his infection to heal naturally, from the inside out. No other method we have tried has worked. We are hoping that this will finally end his ten-month odyssey of abscesses.


  1. I have been trying to treat subsolar abscesses in both front feet since 8/4/20. My horse is 12. Rotation of both coffin bones. January was 1 month of comfort, yet not himself and carefully walked. Stayed standing most of the day. Now stand/walk 1.5 hrs until laying down. I can’t seem through vets and ferriers and many medications to get the abscesses to dry up. This started in his left front and that still is the worst of the 2. He just does not get better. We both need a different approach. Any suggestions? Sugardine is the only thing that helps but does not heal. A temporary solution instead of letting it get out of control. At one point he had at least 7 to 10 soft spots in both front feet. I thought the coffin bone was coming through. Xrays just show rotation. I need direction healing these feet. Please help

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