I had the great privilege last weekend of attending the Parade of Champions at the 2011 edition of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. It was the first time in the 56-year history of the Scottsdale show that an endurance horse has been invited to participate, and what better moment to showcase the Easyboot Glove?


Rusty & Farrabba

Rusty and The Stoner. Photograph by Merri Melde.

Rusty Toth and Farrabba, otherwise known as The Stoner or Redford, got first place and Best Condition award at the Arabian Horse Association of Arizona’s 50 Mile event at Halloween at McDowell Mountain Regional Park in Scottsdale. They completed the 50 mile event in Easyboot Gloves and they did their victory laps at the Scottsdale show in Gloves, too.

Other Easyboot users were also represented at the event: Clydea Hastie with Ashquars Dream were Reserve Champions at the 50-mile event, and Greg Rose with BB Zell recieved the Best Condition award in the 30-mile event. You can watch Rusty and The Stoner’s laps on the video below. If you subscribe to this blog via RSS, click here to see the original post and scroll down to see the video.

The best part for me was being able to watch people interact with the horse and rider while they waited to enter the ring. He was definitely unlike most other horses there because he has a long hair coat that no amount of Show Sheen could hide; no bridle path; his was the only rider wearing tights and running shoes; and the horse had these strange boots on his front feet. He got lots of looks from passers-by. I’m just not sure what they were most intrigued by.

The Stoner and the crowd

The touch. Photograph by Merri Melde.

The Stoner has come a long way since his steel shoes were pulled in June, 2009. Thank goodness for Easyboots.

Photographs taken by Merri Melde and are copyrighted. Click here to see the full gallery.

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