The EasyCare Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program is one of my favorites! It allows you to ship in an old, beat up, or worn out hoof boot from one of our competitors and get a new EasyCare boot at 50% off!

Turn an old Cavallo into an Easyboot Trail


Turn an old riding boot into an Easyboot Cloud

What is the Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program?

To uphold our mission of improving the well-being of horses, we are committed to providing hoof care education and solutions that promote the health of a barefoot hoof. That’s why we have a Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program. We want to help you keep your horse as hoof-healthy as possible with our quality hoof boots that are designed for comfort, flexibility, and durability. We offer a great selection of hoof boots across a range of riding disciplines, as well as hoof boots for therapeutic applications.

To try a new boot at 50% off, simply trade in a boot from one of our competitors and receive a coupon for 50% off an EasyCare hoof boot.

Guidelines & Restrictions

  • Program is limited to competitor hoof boots only. EasyCare manufactured boots will not be accepted.
  • Customers can trade in up to two (2) hoof boots per year.
  • Glue-on boots and shoes are excluded.
  • Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping their hoof boots to EasyCare.
  • Competitive upgrades are not available through EasyCare retailers or dealers.
  • EasyCare reserves the right to deny trade-ins.

How to Receive Your Upgrade

It’s a fun EasyCare offer that gives you the ability to upgrade your tack room at 50% off. Try it today!


    • We will accept any hoof boot that is not manufactured by EasyCare. We’ll accept your Soft Rides as part of our Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program, and hopefully one of our boots will work better for you and your horse!

  1. I wish you guys took old Easyboots. Since I’ve been a faithful Easyboot customer for many years, I don’t have any other brands of boots to trade in. 🙁 But I sure put he miles on my Easyboots!

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