I recently attended the Moab Canyons Endurance Ride in Moab, Utah. The landscapes were picturesque to say the least.

There were many riders, as one would expect at a fabulous ride, but it wasn’t the footing that had my full attention it was the plethora of boots.

I saw many of the favorite Glove on numerous horses, even my own. I saw one horse wearing the Original Easyboots on all fours and I saw another 50-miler with the Easyboot Bares on all fours. There were boots everywhere. Our very own Bootmeister, Christoph Schork, was there offering to help with Glue-Ons to anyone who needed it. In my mind, there were more booted horses than not. Then again, my attention is drawn to the Easyboots, so I am a little biased. The one place I did not see boots: alone, left along the trail. I think this was a great boot ride and very successful.

I rode day 1, a 55 miler, in Gloves on the fronts. I did not use tape or glue and I did not have one boot mishap. Going that far with reliable boots is exhilarating.

Jersey and I

I also rode day 3, a 25 miler, on my big TWH. She wore her Gloves on the fronts only as well. Again, I never had a boot emergency, twist or malfunction. You get the point.

Here is a “back cam” of my Gloves about a mile from the finish line.

Savannah's back cam


In closing, I would like to say again, that doing a distance ride, or any type of ride for that matter, with a reliable boot is beyond words. Thank you EasyCare!