Submitted by Natalie Herman, Team Easyboot 2014 Member

I love to ride in my high performance Easyboots. The Easyboot Epics make for easy adjustments and allow for all manor of padding when needed. The Easyboot Gloves are awesome for their simplicity and streamlined fit and super light weight. The Easyboot Glove Back Country boots offer the same benefits of the Glove, sacrificing only a tiny bit of streamlined simplicity for superb retention abilities in all terrain and at all speeds.

Photo by Christie B Photography at the Whiskeytown Chaser.

Some of my clients prefer to just mosey around at a walk for half an hour a week, if that. Some of them also have dexterity or strength issues with their hands, so having a simple boot is great. This is where the Easyboot Trail comes in. Easy on and off for even the most arthritic or otherwise challenged hands, it also accommodates pretty odd hoof shapes when the horse is not being ridden too aggressively. When the uppers rip, you either have to get creative, or buy a whole new boot. I tend to be a creative repairer instead of boot buyer myself. Here is one of the latest repairs I did.

For all horse people: the Speedysticher (comes in several brand names) is your best friend. From saddles, to winter blankets, to hoof boots – just about anything that can be repaired with sewing.

This boot still looked pretty good on the outside, and there was lots of life still left in the tread.


It just was torn where the elastic is attached in the back corner of the boot.

So I trimmed up the torn parts where needed, lined things back up, and proceeded to stitch away.

It worked like a charm. 10 minutes later, the boot was fully functional again. I may never win awards at perfect stitches or seams, but usually when I repair things, they stay repaired.

Now my friend was able to pop on this pair of boots again, and go trotting down her gravel road without a worry. So before you toss out those boots you think are broken and worthless, see if some sewing, gluing, riveting, or other repair may make them last a while longer.