This week we wanted to feature the Easyboot Trail Original. This hoof boot made its debut in 2011. The Easyboot Trail Original is a simple, casual boot that is a great choice for first-time boot users.

Product Highlights

  • Although the Easyboot Trail came along in 2015 as the new and improved version of the Easyboot Trail Original, EasyCare has continued to manufacture the Trail Original alongside the newer Trail as it is still a popular choice for some of our customers.
  • The Easyboot Trail Original is lightweight, and extremely easy to put on and take off. This makes it a great choice for anyone unable to apply pressure and maneuver some of our tighter styles into place.
  • The Easyboot Trail Original has a lower profile and fits more closely around the hoof than the newer Easyboot Trail, and the black and brown coloring is more aesthetically appealing to some customers.
  • The Easyboot Trail Original is our most affordable boot option, making it a great option for the casual rider or someone trying out boots for the first time.
  • The entire boot is one piece. There is no hardware and there are no replaceable parts to worry about.
  • The Easyboot Trail Original doubles as a therapy boot, and works well for extended wear during turnout. It can accommodate a 12 mm comfort pad for extra cushion and shock absorption.