The Original Easyboot will no longer be produced after 50 years in production. EasyCare’s original product, released in 1970, has shaped the equine marketplace and was the first hoof boot ever produced. The Original Easyboot not only created the hoof boot product category, but it paved the way for all other hoof boots to follow.

Dr. Neel Glass and one of the first Easyboots back in 1969

2020 will be the last year of production for the Original Easyboot. It will continue to be sold until inventory runs out. EasyCare will be moving forward with products we feel are better than the Original Easyboot. Many new products are in production now, and several will be released in the near future. Consumers wanting the Original Easyboot style can purchase the Easyboot Epic and remove the gaiter. The Epic can be used with and without the gaiter.

The Easyboot patent granted in the early 1970s

It’s been a tough decision for EasyCare to make this change, but our product line has advanced and technology has improved.

Some of the many accomplishments of the Original Easyboot:

  1. It was used to finish one of the longest horseback treks ever recorded that began in 1988- over 18,000 miles ridden from Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
  2. It has been used to finish the 100-Mile Tevis Cup on many occasions.
  3. It has been successfully used by consumers in over 50 different countries.

EasyCare will continue to produce and inventory replacement parts for the Original Easyboot and take care of the thousands and thousands of boots still helping horses in the marketplace. To the next 50 years.


  1. I have used the Original Easyboot for about 25 years and I am extremely disappointed you are discontinuing it. This is the only one that doesn’t contact the skin (only the hoof) and therefore no skin irritation. I’m not willing to pay $100 + dollars more for a set of 4 Epics to remove a gaiter I will never use. Maybe you could sell Epics without the gaiters and people could opt to purchase the gaiters separate if they choose, especially as the boot and the gaiter parts may wear out at different rates.

    • Jill, totally my opinion! Greetings from Germany, my Welsh B Pony ran most of his long endurance driving competitions with the original EB and we love that it covers no skin.

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