Jocelyn Dean of Rugeley, England trusts the Easyboot Glove with Power Straps to protect her newly transitioned horse Kristal’s bare hooves. She has also found success using the Easyboot Glove in Hunter/Jumper trials! Check out what she has to say below.

“I own a 13 year old standardbred mare, Kristal, who up until 11 months ago was shod and I never thought anything of it. Horses wear metal shoes right? Wrong! She developed a strange twist in one of her hind hooves which made me start to question what was going on. To cut a long story short I changed farriers and did lots of research which ended up in my decision to remove my horse’s shoes and go barefoot.

Well, I bought 4 Easyboot Gloves in the hope they would help and help they did, we never had to give up riding. I live next to a place called Cannock Chase which is fabulous riding if a little stoney, and my horses feet kept improving beyond all recognition. Her twisted back foot untwisted and all 4 hooves have become feet to be proud of. We couldn’t have done it without the Easyboot Gloves. We now compete in endurance up to 25 miles (and win) and always use our Gloves to compete in. I never have to worry as I know my horses feet are protected, functioning naturally and my boots stay put.”

We have also competed cross country/hunter trials with our Gloves on with no problems at all.

Thanks Jocelyn and Kristal for sharing your Easyboot Glove experience with EasyCare.

Tara Kelly