Submitted by Ashley Gasky

I’m a member of Team Easyboot 2014, and I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Ashley, a farrier from Upstate New York. I live on a working beef farm with two dogs, too many cats and chickens, but most importantly two draft mules and three horses.

I enjoy nothing more than a gallop through a freshly mowed hay field, and the occasional trip around the show ring. But before this turns into a bad personal ad, let’s talk hooves. My main mount is a 14 year-old chestnut Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred mare, who has high-low heeled right and left front hooves, and an indomitable will.

After an extensive fitting process (her feet can vary two traditional shoe sizes), and an especially memorable uphill gallop in honor of her race horse roots, in the wrong size boots, we had it pinned down. I determined that both the clubby foot and the low heel wear the same sized boots: size 0.5 Gloves with 5mm comfort pads, no power straps required. These Gloves have seen intermittent use since 2011. I also utilize composite shoes, including EasyShoes, in my personal and professional practice.

Have a look at the tread wear and breakover:

And compare them to new boots:

The tread has held up remarkably well. The only issue that arose over the years was when an over-reaching hind toe removed the screw in the heel of the boot.

I made a quick fix with baling twine and kept right on riding. Of course, I ordered replacement screws through EasyCare and fixed the boot correctly as soon as I could! Our Gloves are well loved, indeed!

See you next time, Where The Rubber Meets The Road.