Anne and her daughter, Bunn, recently did the Fun Ride at Sangre Scenic Fall Pioneer Ride “to get some sort of idea of just what an endurance ride would be like as well as what kind of people do this endurance riding thing.”

Anne says:

“Luckily the weather was pretty decent and Bunn and I were able to sleep in since we didn’t have to show until sometime between 8am and 9am since we were the only two “Fun” riders.

Once I led Cadence (Tenessee Walker Stallion) away from the other horses at base camp (evidently there was a mare calling his name because he was a little insistent about staying around that area), we had a good time. Bluebirds accompanied us for about a quarter of a mile and later, we had a coyote warily watching and circling us. He was pretty close, too! We poked along about half of the fourteen mile loop and then the bug kinda bit us when we watched a group of six riders lope past us.

Anne and Cadence-Sangre

Gypsy a Tenesee Walker mare, who would try to look like an Arab every time she saw one, did not like the other horses leaving her behind and she decided the poking around stuff was over. So, Bunn and I picked up the pace, Cadence doing a nice running walk and canter while Gypsy let Bunn experience her speed rack. We jumped over a few small ditches. Bunn jumped Gypsy over a combination log to ditch, which turned out to be a jump over the log, jump down into the ditch and then jump out, much to Bunn’s surprise. We both had a good laugh over that.

Bunn and Gypsy

Cadence was wearing his new Easyboot Gloves and Gyps had her Easyboot Bares on. Neither one had any problems and were sure footed and happy the entire time with protective horse boots. When we got back for our final vet check, the ride manager told us it looked like we hadn’t even ridden the 14 miles since neither horse was sweaty or dirty. Guess the summer trail rides into the mountains paid off.

Anyway, we both had a total blast and I’m looking forward to trying a 25 mile ride in the Spring with Gyps.

Bunn and Gypsy

Thank you again for fitting both Gyps and Cadence with their sneakers!”

Dee Reiter


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