We received a special “Thank You” from rider Jodie Jurgeneit who competes internationally, in Jordan to be exact.

Here is what he has to report about his recent ride and success:

Just wanted to drop you a great big thank you for such a wonderful product! We placed second and took Best in Condition for our 80 km ride. I ordered four of your Easyboot Epics last week and they arrived in time for our big race. Thanks to the Jordan Customs Authority, they also charged us 245 Jordanian Dinar (roughly $350 USD) to get them out of customs – yikes….. Glad I will be able to use our APO address next time and not have to be in a rush.

The boots were wonderful and we had no issues with them at all. It was funny though the first time we soaked her with water and the boots squished (like when you have water in your rubber boots) – she didn’t quite know what to make of that but after a few steps, it was quickly forgotten. This is the first time anyone here in Jordan has seen the boots in action and they received a lot of interest.

Our mare Mahboubat Dua’a was comfortable and could have easily done another 30-40 km. While the terrain wasn’t all that exciting (asphalt, desert gravel, powder loose soil, gravel road, washed out and dry river beds), the desert rocks can be very sharp. The boots held up great!

Thanks again. I am sure they made all the difference for us.

Kind regards,

Jodie Jurgeneit