Now and then we hear from a customer who simply is dumbfounded as to why her boots don’t fit. This was the case from Jenny Reid in Australia who had used the original Easyboot in the past. When she learned of the the new “Easyboot with the wrap around the pastern”, as she referered to them. She new she was ready for the Epics.

After carefully measuring her freshly trimmed hooves Jenny ordered Olga a new pair of Epics and much to her amazement they did not fit properly. What was she doing wrong? After a few e-mails we figured out she was simply being too gentle with putting the boot on. Jenny could not believe what a simple fix it was to use a rubber mallet and give the boot a few hard whacks to assure the toe is in as far as it can be for a good fit.

Olga #1
Olga patiently waiting in anticipation of heading out in her new Epic boots. Life is great!
Olga #2

Jenny says since the boots are such a hard-wearing product she probably won’t be needing new ones for quite some time. Glad we could help you Jenny and Olga. Happy Riding!

Marcie Mendoza

Customer Service

You will find me at the front desk if you visit the EasyCare corporate headquarters. I am in charge of the web orders and I manage the Hoof Boot Upgrade program which offers discount pricing on boots.