I have been using boots on my horses for almost 10 years. I still have my first original pair of Easyboots and I still can use them. I haven’t even had to replace anything on them. I have tried many other competitor’s boots and while some were easier to put on, they simply don’t hold in the same way. I bought a pair of the Easyboot Edges (I also have the Easyboot Epics) and they are the best boot I have ever tried – by far. I love them so much, in fact,  I bought 3 pair of them.

Thank you so much for making a boot that is very easy to apply and take off and holds up so great to rough country. I have been telling everyone that will listen how much I love these boots and how they need to try them.

Name: Andrea Schneider
City: Olathe, Colorado
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Edge