Q. Do you need horseshoes in addition to Easyboot Bare?

A. No.EasyCare’s Easyboot Bare provides complete barefoot hoof protection and traction. They may also be worn over regular steel shoes, although this will void the wear warranty.

Q. What is the difference between the Easyboot Epic and the Easyboot Bare?

A. The Easyboot Epic and the Easyboot Bare have different fastening systems. The Easyboot Epic has the standard buckle and cable system found on the Easyboot — the Easyboot Bare protective horse boot has a new bungee system that applies constant pressure to the hoof.

Q. Can an Easyboot or Easyboot Epic be upgraded to an Easyboot Bare?

A. Yes. The fastening systems on the Easyboot Epic and Easyboot Bare are interchangeable. We do not recommend changing a regular Easyboot over to Bare hardware.

Q. Do you leave the Easyboot Bare on all the time?

A. No. Let the horse go barefoot as often as possible. Use the Easyboot Bare only when the horse needs foot protection or traction. Do not leave the Easyboot Bare on any horse longer than 24 hours at a time.

Q. Is the Easyboot Bare good for snow and ice?

A. Yes. The protective horse boot Easyboot Bare’s polyurethane surface eliminates snow balling up on the bottom of the boot as it would on the sole of a horse wearing standard shoes. Optional titanium-coated studs are available for gripping sheet ice.

Q. How can the barefoot hoof be medicated with the Easyboot Bare?

A. Put the desired medication in the boot and snap on. If the medicine is in liquid form, put a piece of absorbent foam (such as theEasy Dirt Skirt) or cloth in the bottom of the boot.

Q. Will sand and gravel get into the boot?

A. Yes. A small amount of sand can get in, but generally not enough to cause any horse hoof problems. Treat your Easyboot Bare as you would your own athletic shoe—empty it out occasionally! The Easy Dirt Skirt is also available to help keep debris out of the boot. (See accessories.)

Q. Does wearing Easyboot Bare over iron shoes increase wear on the Easyboot Bare?

A. Yes. Although the Easyboot Bare can be worn over steel shoes in a variety of situations, wear of the boot is increased when fitted over shoes and will void the wear warranty.

Q. Will the Easyboot Bare give good traction on pavement?

A. Yes. They provide sure footing for the horse and safety for the rider. Shod horses can be dangerous on pavement. The Easyboot Bare prevents slipping. They make excellent parade footwear and reduce shock on paved surfaces.

Q. Is it necessary to trim the horses hoof?

A. All horses need a proper horse hoof trimming program, whether they are barefoot or shod. Consult your hoofcare professional for any barefoot trimming questions or natural hoof care concerns.

Q. Can the Easyboot Bare be used in the mountains?

A. Yes. They give horses good traction in rocky terrain, protect the sole from stone bruises and the wall and bulbs from abrasion.

Q. With such a variety in the shape of hooves, how can a good fit be assured?

A. The single most important factor to success with Easyboots is to ensure the correct size. Measure the barefoot hoof, compare to the sizing chart and choose the size based on the ranges provided. Once you have selected the correct size for your horse, the fit can be tailored to accommodate most normal hoof variations. If your horses hoof shape deviates more than one size from the "standard" shape (width versus length) shown on the chart, the Easyboot may not be the best choice for your application.

Q. What is the projected useful life of an Easyboot Bare?

A. The Easyboot Bare is fully guaranteed for 90 days. Your “mileage” will depend, of course, on a number of factors. How often do you ride? Do you ride on asphalt or dirt, for 30 minutes or 10 miles? One horse’s boots may show wear at the toe, while another’s may indicate wear on the inside. Regardless of the way your horse travels, the Easyboot Bare will out-perform a metal horseshoe, as well as provide insurance against injury.

Q. Is the Easyboot Bare economical?

A. Yes. With the Easyboot Bare, there is no need to shoe. Thoroughly tested on cross country and endurance rides, rough terrain and pavement, the Easyboot Bare was found to out-wear traditional horse shoes 3 to 1.

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