EasyCare customer Taryn Smedley has gotten creative with her Versa Grip Lights! She is the first person we’re aware of who has dyed the shoes. What a great idea to personalize and customize them by adding color, as well as make them easier to find if they were to come off unexpectedly.

Here’s what Taryn shared with us about dying her EasyShoe Versa Grip Lights:

As a horse owner who does not trim or shoe professionally, I knew I wanted a product I could apply myself that had therapeutic benefits for my horse’s hooves. I have heard nothing but great things about EasyCare’s products, and I wanted to try the Versa Grip Lights.

Being a fairly eccentric person, I looked up what material they were made out of to see if I could dye them. I figured dyeing them would also make them easier to find. At certain hours of the day my horses have access to a black hole pasture. Once something comes off, good luck finding it in the tall grass, woods, or creek.

When I saw the shoes were made of the same material as skate board wheels, I got so excited! I know those wheels do not go through the same kinds of demands a horseshoe does, but dyeing that material is not only extremely easy, it also holds onto color fairly well. From the research I did, the dye penetrates about 5mm.

If you choose to dye your own pair, I heavily suggest going with DyeMore by Rit. It takes roughly 10 minutes, depending on how dark you want the color. Using a rack or another device to help prop the shoe(s) up from the bottom of the pot will help prevent any damage.

So far the pink shoes I applied six days ago have held their color very well. We have gone through all types of terrain and they look the exact same as day one. The EasyCare shoe makes this experiment easy (pun intended) as their product holds up to all that is demanded of it.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Taryn! The shoe does look like it holds color beautifully! We can’t wait to see what other colors or styles you try next!