Duncan McLaughlin and Global Endurance Lady go over Cougar Rock in Easyboots

Duncan McLaughlin wins the fourth week of the Easyboot Facebook photo contest.  The photo shows Duncan and Lady going over Cougar Rock at the 2009 Tevis Cup.  Lady was fitted in Easyboot Glue-Ons and used hoof glue to secure the boots for the entire 100 mile event.

The Tevis Cup had over 20 barefoot horses in the 2009 event.  Tevis was a great test for EasyCare boots and the barefoot hoof.  Barefoot, booted horses had a 75% completion rate compared to a 50 year average of roughly 50%.

Congrats to Duncan and Lady on a successful completion at Tevis and winning the week four photo contest.  The theme for week #5 is “convince your neighbor”.  If you had to send one photo to your horse owning neighbor that would convince them to read more about barefoot and booted horses what would the photo and caption be?