Here are some pictures to share of cart driving horses that are successfully using EasyCare boots on their horses. If you have ever wondered what would work for your cart driving horse, here are some suggested boot styles that are working.

These horses are using Easyboot Bare boots and Easyboot Epic boots. Both styles will allow you to use hoof pads if needed for extra comfort to the hooves. The pads will definitely help with any horse hoof problems that may be encountered while traveling on hard pavement, road pack or asphalt conditions.

The Easyboot Bare gives the bare hoof some natural flex because of the sole pattern which mimics the natural bare hoof. The Easyboot Epic gives the stability of good traction and the closure system used allows you to really snug the boot up. The last thing you would want is for your boots to twist or become dis-lodged on the road.

This cart horse is wearing the Easyboot Bare hoof boots.

This cart horse is sporting the Easyboot Epic boots.

Posted by Nancy Fredrick