As we approach the winter months, more and more people will be riding in snow, ice and slippery conditions. Some of these winter conditions are much safer with increased traction and give horse and rider more confidence.


EasyCare has offered several different types of hoof boot suds over the years but I’ve personally never been 100% satisfied with our stud selection.

I would personally like a stud that could offer the following.

1.  Install and removal while a hoof boot is on the hoof. For example it would be great to install or remove studs into the bottom of an Easyboot Glue-On for different conditions or days.  One day may be icy, the next day may be dry.

2.  I would like a stud that can be produced in different lengths. The studs could be changed out for different conditions.

3.  The studs have to be affordable. There are some great studs on the market but four studs can cost more than an Easyboot.

A selection of the new studs we’re testing. All insert from the bottom and don’t penetrate the sole of the boot.

I started searching the internet a couple weeks ago for studs used in car tires, ATVs, motorcycles and mountain bikes. The search revealed several studs that may work in our Easyboot and Old Mac’s line.

The video below shows how studs can be added and removed while a boot is on the hoof. This is a pretty cool feature especially if using the Easyboot Glue-Ons. Imagine installing or removing studs on your hoof boots for different conditions at one event. Please ignore the sound quality of the video: you will get a great example without sound.

We will keep you posted on the results and hope to add one of these affordable options after more testing.

Garrett Ford


President & CEO

I have been President and CEO of EasyCare since 1993. My first area of focus for the company is in product development, and my goal is to design the perfect hoof boot for the barefoot horse.