It’s a known fact that having your horse barefoot is healthier than having your horse in shoes. Many horses will go their entire lives with shoes and not show any outward signs of damage but even the biggest horse shoe fan has to admit that natural barefoot trimming is healthier for your horse’s hooves.

Here are some of the reasons why people do not want to pull their horse’s shoes.

1. Their horses hooves are not strong enough to be ridden barefoot.

2. Their horse has a condition that is thought to requires shoes.

3. It’s easier to just have the farrier come out every 6-8 weeks than to deal with the horse’s hooves ever day.

The truth is there was a time when horses needed some sort of protection in order to perform the duties that man asked from them. Iron horse shoes have been the solution for hundreds of years. They allowed the horse to work on hard roads for long periods of time without getting sore. People acknowledged the damage the shoes did to their horses hooves by allowing them long periods of rest without shoes so that their hooves could recover from the damage.

With hoof boots we now have a way to keep horses barefoot year round yet offer them the protection to perform the tasks we ask of them.

Here are several reasons why people do not want to use the boots.

1. The boots don’t stay on.

2. The boots take too long to put on.

3. The boots are expensive.

The truth is a proper fitting boot will stay on. I can’t lie and say I have never lost a boot, but I can say that I have found that there are certain techniques that work for my horse. If I had given up the first time I lost a boot I would never have found that they do work for my horse.

Boots do add an extra step to your saddling process. That step that seems like a hassle at first slowly becomes just a part of getting your horse ready as you get more familiar with putting them on.

The first initial cost of buying your first set of boots may look daunting but look at the cost of hoofcare as a whole. The cost to boot your horse on all 4’s is roughly $200-$250. We estimate the boots to last 300-500 miles depending on terrain. The cost of shoeing is roughly $120-$140 depending on area and farrier but the cost is every 5-8 weeks. The cost will be different for everyone but the boots usually end up saving you money not to mention your horse’s hooves.

There is no doubt that there is a learning curve when it comes to boots. You’re going to have to get more hands on with your horses hooves, and you’re going to have your share of ups and downs, but isn’t the overall picture worth it?

I found a way to make the boots work and now my horses feet are the healthiest they have ever been and it is reflected in his performance and attitude.

At Easycare we genuinely want these boots to work for you and your horse! Please call or e-mail us with any questions or concerns that you might have, but DON’T GIVE UP!

Miriam Rezine