I have two horses and am just starting out in endurance with one of them, my thoroughbred “Hey Rose”. With my increased training mileage I was looking to hit some new trails. But wanted a riding buddy for hitting the back country. Also was hoping to find someone to ride my other horse who was not getting much ride time due to training Rosie. So I ran an ad on Craigslist, and to my surprise, found the perfect riding partner.

Our first ride together ended up being 4 hours of trailering and only 2 miles of riding, due to trees down on both the road to the trail and on the trail itself! We decided to stick to known good trails for our second ride, and did a 10 mile up and back ride outside of Emigrant, MT. We had an elevation gain of 3165 feet in the 5 miles UP. I had one horse in Boas. This was the first time my new riding buddy, on the horse with the Boas, had ever ridden with boots on. There was up to 4″ of snow, and some rocky areas. She was really impressed with how much grip we had on the hills and rocks compared to shoes or even barefoot.

She is now thinking of booting her horses, and getting into endurance riding! I’m glad you are coming out with a “wide” version of the Gloves as it will give me another option for my round-footed horses. The Boas work well on both of my horses for trail rides up to 15 miles. Unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures of my horses in boots but attached a couple of of our 10 mile mountain ride anyway. (We were not hunting but wore orange since it is hunting season!).

Name: Karen Cox
City: Livingston, Montana
Equine Discipline: Endurance
Favorite Boot: Boa Horse Boot