I purchased Red San Bar Baron (barn name “Baron”), when he was almost three years old. He is a rose gray Quarter horse. My first experience riding him was wonderful. It was a moonlit night around 7 p.m. My friend Frankie introduced me to him. Once I rode him, I had to have him. He had (and still has) the smoothest trot and a very collected canter.

He also had shoes. I rode him with shoes on for about a year. He kept tripping all the time and I was getting fearful to ride him. He’d trip at a walk; his face would literally hit the ground. I always rolled off and thankfully I was never hurt. My farrier informed me that he was still young and getting used to having shoes so I left the shoes on. A year later, and a move to another barn, Baron still wasn’t used to them so I decided to take the shoes off.

This was the best decision I had ever made. Baron wasn’t tripping any longer. I could actually canter him and not feel afraid of him tripping. He was a completely different horse! He could feel the ground under his hooves. A friend of mine told me to purchase boots for him since I ride trails all the time. I bought many different styles of boots. I tried many different boots and spent a truck load of money and could never quite figure out which ones were best: they all seemed so bulky and took a lot of time to put on.

My new Natural Trimmer, Eric Knapp, told me about the Easyboot Gloves and he sold me a pair and I tried them out. I found that these boots are THE BEST boots I have ever put on my horse! I was so impressed on how easy they were to put on, how well they fit and how well they stayed on. I’ve ridden over and through all kinds of terrain and never lost a boot.

I would highly recommend the EasyBoot Glove. I love these boots so much that I convinced my daughter and a few friends to purchase them for their horses and now they love them too. When I trailer out, strangers come up and ask me about my boots – I am more than happy to tell them all about my Easyboot Gloves.

This picture is of myself and my horse, Red San Bar Baron, during an ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) ride. I came in first place on this ride in the Pleasure Division.

Name: Joanie Cox
Equine Discipline: Pleasure Riding
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove