Fall is here in all parts of the country, nature is getting real colorful for our enjoyment. So get your boots on and get out there and enjoy. Send us pictures of you and your booted horses and we will share with all at our website and send you a free magnetic EasyCare Hoof Pick. The following is a submission we received from Brenda in North Carolina.

We are having a beautiful Fall here in Asheville, North Carolina. A while back you asked for a picture of Phoenix decked out in Easyboots.  Last weekend we competed in the Rockmont Trail Challenge here in the Asheville area and got a blue ribbon in our division.  It occurred to me that I had a shot of Phoenix with Bares on the back and Epics on the front (which I salvaged using the clamps you sent to me).

Epic and Bare boots

Hope you and your trusty steeds have a super holiday season. Thanks again,

Brenda and Phoenix