Wow! How to define that perfect Easyboot moment? I’ve been lucky enough to ride over 500 miles of AERC rides this year with my horses in Easyboot Gloves. Thunder finished his first 100 at Owyhee River Run in Gloves and this was the first 100 I’d ridden in years. A great ride, so much fun, beautiful scenery and some rare sights to behold.

Out of all the rides I was thinking that finish was my perfect Easyboot moment. Until today, when a beautiful sight put a lump in my throat and replaced every perfect Easyboot moment I had thought of. There was my 8 year old grandaughter, riding the trail with me for the very first time. She was riding Z Blazen Scarlet who was wearing her Easyboot Gloves.

I looked back over my shoulder at McKenzie riding behind me, with this huge smile from ear to ear. Following behind her was McKenzie’s mom, my daughter Andi. I asked Andi, “Is this a familiar sight?” She had ridden a lot as a Junior rider, at first behind me and later leading the way. Perfection isn’t always a buckle or a trophy. What matters most are truly the little things in life. I so enjoyed the three of us, riding the trail together. The first trail ride ended with a “Grandma can we do it again? Tomorrow?” THAT has to be the most perfect Easyboot moment that any mom or grandmother could ever hope for.

Name: Karen Bumgarner
City: Parma, ID
Country: United States
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Glove