My 25 year-old icelandic gelding Vinur is very happy in his Epics! after a couple of years I decided to begin to ride him again and bought him a pair of boots. I chose Epics because of the gaiter and the multiple fitting alternatives. I dont regret it a second. He is very satisfied with having me on his back again and with the boots on his hoofs. we go at a slow pace, building muscles and strengthening joints and body, and the "old man" is enjoying it as much as I am.

I have ordered a fit kit to ensure my first choice for his back hoofs, Glove, is proper. They seem really nice and perfect for back feet. Cant wait to try! Several people has been asking me about the boots and i have nothing bad to say, im totally into them! I will never shoe my darling ever again. My shetland pony wants a pair too, but she is wider than long so it seems impossible…we are hoping the boot for wider hoofs is out on market real soon, and available in small sizes =) WE LOVE EASYBOOTS!

Best regards Kicki from Sweden.

Name: Kicki Westman
City: Rimbo
Country: Sweden
Equine Discipline: Trail
Favorite Boot: Easyboot Epic