There’s lots of activity going on at the Easyboot Facebook page these days. 

Our Facebook fans have helped us design a new slogan for 2010 – we had more than 450 suggestions over a two month period. This week our Facebook fans helped work with us on developing a logo and feedback on the shirt design.

We’re getting some quotes from some local companies to print and produce the shirts – and we’ll have some nice hats too. 

We will be thanking our Facebook fans by offering them a private sale of the shirts and hats at our cost using a promotional code. So if you’re not already a fan, you should sign up now to qualify for the special pricing.

If you’re new to Facebook, either click on the Facebook link to the right of this blog or just follow this link and you’ll go right to our page. Once there, simply click the ‘Become a Fan’ button at the top.

See you over there – we’ll be announcing the private sale this week!